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mikulov sinagogue is closed

At the request of the
Grand Rabbi of Karlin-Stolin and

Grand Rabbi of Boston-Jerusalem,

The Israel Minister of Jewish Heritage, Rabbi Meir Porush invited the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Israel to his Jerusalem ministry office to hear complaints and a corrective plan of action to grant Jewish pilgrims unconditional, 24 hour, all-year access to the Czech state subsidized, Jewish Cemetery Ceremonial Hall and the Main Synagogue in Mikulov, Czech Republic.

Currently it is impossible to host visiting Jewish groups with their ritual, ceremonial and kosher needs.

board meting

The Ambassador advised us to refer our visitors’ complaints, in person to the head of the who funds and oversees who are legally responsible for the 2 historic Jewish properties in Nikolsburg/Mikulov

The Jewish Cemetery is now rented to
and the Main Synagogue is now rented to

It is our hope that the Israel Minister of Heritage will arrive at an agreement with the parties above guaranteeing visiting Jewish pilgrims unrestricted, last-minute, 24 hour, all-year access to the Ceremonial Hall building in the Jewish cemetery and the Main Synagogue when visiting and praying in Nikolsburg/Mikulov


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לחצו כאן לקריאת כתבת החדשות המלאה ב- PDF ברור

jewish cemetery

This ticket was purchased on the Sabbath at the Nikolsburg synagogue, only 9 months after the Brno Rabbi was handed a written “Hasroh” הַתרָאָה or warning of legal action if he did not immediately end this Sabbath desecration under his paid oversight.

This photo illustrates utter contempt for Halacha or Jewish Law.


With HaShem’s help, the local Rabbonim, and the Horowitz Family, we will rescue this Makom Kodesh and establish a new Nikolsburger Yeshiva for Prague and Greater Vienna in this magnificent building:

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Let’s work together in Unity!
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