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The Regional Museum of Mikulov who operates the 
Main Synagogue on behalf of the Jewish Community of Brno unfortunately requires at least NOTICE: 2 Weeks Advance Reservations are Required for Jewish Groups to Pray in the Main Synagogue in Nikolsburg 
Closed synagogue

The Main Synagogue in Nikolsburg/Mikulov is open to the general public from May through September usually from 9am until 5pm

Entry tickets are sold daily including Saturdays.

Jews may pray in the Main Synagogue after 5pm and from October through April 
by phoning the “Regional Museum of Mikulov” at +420 727 914 223

Visiting Jewish groups have recently experienced a 2 week delay in arranging our signing of a time consuming, special use contract for each and every group wishing to visit.

It is our hope that the Israel Minister of Heritage will arrive at an agreement with the responsible Czech state funded parties, guaranteeing visiting Jewish pilgrims unrestricted, last-minute,
24 hour, all-year access to the Main Synagogue on Husova street when praying in Nikolsburg/Mikulov

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