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masaryk in jerusalem

Please contact us and submit your contact details below to show your support for our vital cause.


We are currently in litigation and are gathering additional facts and evidence to advance our case.


If you now have or have had relevant dealings with the Jewish Community of Brno
aka: Židovská Obec Brno or ŽOB and would like to share them with us in confidence, please contact our trustee directly at

Thank You

Kehilas Nikolsburg

Horowitz Nikolsburg Family Trust


Rabbi Zusha Horowitz

Rabbi Meir Horowitz

Rabbi Levy Yitzchok Horowitz

and the Nikolsburger Rebbe


Kozí Hrádek 11

692 01  Mikulov

Tel 420.777322522


Fax 1.616.855-7757

We urge all concerned to contact the following 3 authorized local Jewish organizations to express dismay and request they disassociate themselves with:

Mr. Jáchym Kanarek, JUDr.


and call for his immediate removal,from the Board or “Sekretariát” of the FŽO - Federation of Jewish Communities of the Czech Republic and as president of the ŽOB - Jewish Community of Brno for his neglect in general, and specifically for not replying to the Czech Jewish Court presently located in Vienna, causing irreparable damage to our children’s Jewish future!

Židovská obec v Praze

Jewish Community of Prague

Rabbi Dovid Petr

Maiselova 18

110 01 Praha 1

Tel 420 224 800 849
420 731136013

Fax 420.222318664

Federace židovských obcí v ČR

Federation of Jewish Communities of the Czech Republic


Rabbi Efraim Sidon

Maiselova 18

110 01 Praha 1

+420 224 800 824

Židovská obec Brno

Jewish Community of Brno

Rabbi Stephan Menashe Kliment

třída Kpt. Jaroše 3

602 00 Brno

+420 530 317 651

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